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Beauty from Pain | Chloe Sullivan (Collab w/ Jenna)

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Dear God! That was pretty and painful at once. Off to comment on the vid.

Thank you. It was painful to make at times. That girl has been through way too much shit with hardly any true happiness.

This is just off the chain good LOL!! loved it bekah you and jenna work amazingly well together!

Thanks girl. I could say the same for you and Jenna. I can't wait for your next one that you're working on. I love it already from the preview I've gotten.

Too pretty for words, touching and gorgeous!! you girls did an amazing job together. Chloe's journey so far is a bit heartbreaking and I cried like a baby.

The coloring was so pretty, thanks for sharing and keep the Chloe love alive!!

Just a bit? lol. Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I demand more Bekah/Jenna collabs. :)

It was fantastic. Watching it I could feel what Chloe was feeling with the way you guys manipulated the clips and the sense of motion/the pace flowed perfectly with the beats, as did the effects. The song was GORGEOUS. I'd never heard it before.

It had an epic feel to it, for sure. F/F :D

Thank you. I'm sure we'll do another, but Jenna is amazingly fast and I'm a super slow vidder. I don't know how she does it.

I already left a comment with Jenna, but I wanted to tell you that the both of you did a splendid job with this video. I'm awed, sweetie, truly awed because it's one of the best Chloe-centric vids I've ever seen that truly captures Chloe's identity and characterization. The two of you have reminded me why I fell in love with this character. Thank you both so much for making and sharing this gorgeous video. *hugs* I'm still crying! :) Take care, hon!!

awww, thank you so much. Jenna and I were just discussing how easy Allison makes it to convey the emotion. She's so expressive. You can get so much out of so little.

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