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While I was re watching Smallville's first two seasons ...
I was going to wait till I finished season two, but my re watch of Suspect had me grinding my teeth. By the end, a rant was in order!

K so we've had Clark being a liar, because it's what he does best, and demanding perfect honesty from Lex in return. He gets upset with him when Lex doesn't tell him about his past, in Zero ... even  though it was NONE OF CLARK'S DAMN BUSINESS!

But Suspect really amps it up a notch. First ... on the word of a complete stranger (Dominic, Lionel's lackey) and nothing more, Clark accuses Lex of trying to murder his own father.  This sentence "If you don't start trusting me with the truth what am I supposed to think"  actually falls out of his mouth without him choking on it.

Their next encounter has Clark with a stick up his butt, still accusing Lex of everything under the sun. When Lex offers Dominic as a suspect, Clark has more doubts and questions about this option than he did when Lex was offered up as the killer. Clark gets pissy (or I should say stays pissy) with Lex for not offering up this information sooner. Lex wanted to make sure Jonathan was innocent first. Which is completely wrong because only Clark is allowed to have doubts about people. Just like only Clark can lie, hide things, break an entering, steal ...

Finally, in their last encounter, all is said and done. Clark knows it was Ethan and had nothing to do with Lex. So you'd expect some sort of apology wouldn't you?  Silly me. I did. No. No apology, but he does remind Lex that he had motive to kill Lionel. ASS!!  And then Lex asks 'So are we ok?' as if he'd been the one to accuse his friend of murder.

I especially love how easy it is for Clark to believe the worst of Lex in Suspect because just a few episodes prior, in Skinwalker, when the old guy is accused of murder Clark is adamant that he couldn't have done it .... because he met him once and he was nice ... and Clark wants to get with the granddaughter.

Also in Skinwalker Clark is all 'can't destroy the caves' and Martha reasonably says that the new construction will offer hundreds of jobs. Clark says 'and that's more important?'  Yes! Yes Clark hundreds of employed workers able to provide for their families IS more important than your stupid little caves. Yes, I know it leads to DESINTY but what did AI Jorel really do for Clark besides abuse him?

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To be honest I question your sanity just for the fact alone that you're rewatching it. :P Maybe you should marathon a good show too, you know to balance out the shitty writing of Suckville.

Despite my bitching, there is a lot I love about SV. I bought the series box set for a reason.

Chloe is my favorite character of ALL TIME and I don't always hate on Clark. He has his moments. He can be downright adorable when he smiles all goofy and proud. It's just when he's up against my Lex his hypocrisy really shines.

*kicks you*

also Jenna wants to do a series re watch too, so go ahead and question HER sanity as well. We'll be crazy together :P

questioning both your sanities then. :P

for me clark's hypocrisy taints his occasional genuine good deeds. and though of course I LOVE chloe too it's more my personal version of her 'cause smallville didn't know the meaning of good consistent character development and GOOD DIALOGUE (at least for the most part, with a few accidental exceptions)!, plus you know my version of her gets very much influenced by two certain brothers - nothing will EVER beat THAT chloe. :D

*kicks you back*

and don't kid yourself, you already are crazy. certified by me.

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