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Sam and Michael!

I just found these clips on youtube of Tiki Con

Michael Rosenbaum and Sam Witwer in the same room!   Heaven for me.  Nothing against Helen Slater, but she should not be in between the hotness.  How are there supposed to be pics of Sam and Michael together if she's in the way?

Watch them all!  I laughed a lot.  If only HS weren't sitting there between them. How might clip 17 have been different?

The first link is blurry at times and shaky, but closer up and has a lot of stuff the second link (which is clearer but further away and from the opposite angle) doesn't have.  Hopefully someone will post a really great quality close up of the whole thing, soon.

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I freaking love these!! After learning a bit about Sam from friends at NS, I've now got a crush on him. How can I not when he loves Star Wars?!! Thanks for the links, sweetie!! :)

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