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Is it really love for Chlollie?
I started this huge thing right after the finale. I wanted to get down all my thoughts about Chlollie in one big post. As I began to rewatch all the scenes from season 6 on, I found there was a lot more to Chlollie than I originally thought. I can't believe it's taken me this long to post, but I've been working on it in my spare time. Besides if I did this all in one sitting you'd think I was insane ... you still might ;)

I think it's interesting that three BIG relationships are introduced in season six. Lollie, Chimmy and Chlollie. We don't know that Chlollie is a big relationship because they really aren't in season six or season seven, but now that we have the whole picture, we can see how important it really is. Lollie and Chimmy started at almost the same time and both relationships struggled for the same reason. Neither Chloe or Oliver were completely open with Jimmy and Lois about their lives. Chimmy had many other issues, IMO. But this was a big one.

Arrow, introduced Green Arrow, who Lois dislikes because he steals a necklace Martha is wearing.

Lois gives Chloe the ring she ripped off GA to investigate. GA uses a special arrow to knock them both out and take the ring back, but not before Chloe gets pictures. Next we have Oliver look at an article Lois wrote in the inquisitor.

Oliver: The Green Arrow bandit. Doesn't really roll off the tongue.

Chloe: The GA bandit. Is that really the name Lois came up with? If you ask me I'd loose the bandit, but not my story.

Lois: Anyone after the GA is a friend of mine and I will be sitting front and center with them when they lock this guy up
Oliver: I thought we did away the shoot first ask questions later with covered wagons

Chloe: Seven stolen artifacts were anonymously returned to the Met the Tate and the Louve. Looks like you've got some friendly competition in the knight in shining armor arena.
Clark: The guy does a couple good things and he goes from villain to hero overnight?
Chloe: Clark, every time he strikes some corrupt tycoon an anonymous donation to some charity appears the next day
Clark: And you don't care how many laws are broken to get it there?
Chloe: I guess that's just the price of Justice. If you ask me, he's just a modern day Robin Hood.

Chloe: I guess there's some secret code of honor among superheroes.

How much do I love that Chloe is the first person to see the Green Arrow as a hero!!!  And look how cute and excited she is about it.

By episodes end. Lois still sees GA as the bad guy. 'A threat to Metropolis'

In Reunion, Chloe and Oliver met for the first time! Now it could be me loving Chlollie and not being objective, but I don't think the attraction was one sided. I'm not saying Oliver was ogling her or he wanted her or anything. Just that he sure seems to like looking at her and we all know how Chloe felt.

Wow! In person he is really .... wow - Chloe (Reunion)

'Oliver was the first person to make Clark disappear for Chloe'  I don't take credit for that quote, but I LOVE it. Not just in Checkmate but all the way back in Reunion. Not only the first, but the ONLY.

Even though Chlollie don't interract much in season six, I think it's interesting to note that Chloe still knows a lot, because Chloe is Clark's confident. Chloe has insight to everything Oliver is dealing with in episodes like Rage. And there's a good chance that Lois is confiding in her as well. She gets both sides of the story from Lois and Clark. I think that's important because she gets a pretty good idea of the kind of man Oliver is even though they don't really see each other much.

In Hydro Chloe discovers that Oliver is GA. I love her little AHA! moment here

Justice is HUGE, of course because ... WATCHTOWER is born! I do love this scene. Starts with Oliver viewing Chloe on his surveilance cam in the elevator.

'Mr Queen, it's Chloe Sullivan'

She doesn't call him Oliver and reminds him of her name. Clearly they haven't been hanging out or running into each other, yet this tiny little blonde already knows a hell of a lot about him and she catches him off guard. I love his reactions here LOL!

Chloe: We trust each other. Clark tells me everything. Well, almost everything. I did have to figure out about your green leather fetish on my lonesome. Don't worry. I didn't say anything to Lois, although you might wanna consider ...
Oliver: Let's just stick to the main plot there sidekick. So what do you got?
Chloe: Hopefully a solid lead on Bart. Where are Victor and AC?

What is so very important isn't just that Chloe plays WT, it's that Oliver TRUSTS her to be their WT. I find it funny how Clark is just kind of 'what, what's going on? Chloe's WT? and Oliver is just talking to her like she's part of the team.

In Freak Chloe finds out she's meteor infected. In Progeny Chloe goes through some hell with her mom being locked up by Lex and then loosing her at the end. Never once is there even an indication that Jimmy knows any of this (in fact there's evidence he doesn't know given his willingness to trust Lex in Sleeper), let alone that she turned to him for comfort and there's no reason for her not to tell him, if she really wanted to, because this has nothing to do with Clark and his abilities. It's all HER stuff. BUT ...

Have you talked to Oliver, he said that he would set up a safe place for her to stay in Star City - Chloe (Progeny)

Chloe went to Oliver (called whatever) about her mother and asked him for help. He didn't just hear about what happened from Clark. Chloe contacted him, confided in him and asked for his help.

So, by the end of season 6. Chlollie know some pretty heavy stuff about each other and they TRUST each other with some pretty big deal things.

We got one Chlollie scene in season seven, then again we got one Oliver ep in season seven, and isn't it interesting that this one Oliver episode has a big Chlollie scene.Siren begins with Chloe working on a job for Oliver and already using a bit of Chloe attitude.

Chloe: Yeah of course I deleted any traces of it. This isn't the first time I've done something like this

Chloe: The roof! Come on isn't this when you're supposed to swoop in and save me?

Isn't it interesting that this scene where Oliver meets the Black Canary is with Chloe there? Especially since these two haven't shared many scenes yet AND this is a one time guest spot for Oliver in season seven. I don't think the writers had it in their heads to do Chlollie way back when, but these things will pop up from time to time that seems like they were always headed this way.

Oliver comes to Chloe's rescue in this wonderful scene. I love that first cap because we see something very similar in AJ, only that time Chloe rushes to Oliver's side.

Chloe: I've sort of been doing this sidekick side job for Oliver.

I felt like Chloe was kinda miserable a lot this season. I loved Siren so much because I saw some spark back in her eyes again and that spark was because of Oliver. Because of the mission Oliver had her on.

Clark: You put Chloe in danger.
Oliver: So I take it we're skipping over the whole 'Hello, good to see you again' part of the conversation.
Clark: If you and your crew wanna go out there and put your own lives on the line that's fine. Go ahead. But not Chloe! Smart doesn't help when someone's trying to attack you on a roof top.
Oliver: First of all I don't think our leather fetish mystery woman was trying to kill Chloe ...
Clark: She shouldn't have been in danger at all.
Oliver: Secondly, Chloe's in danger like every other week with you by her side Clark.

Clark: I'm not about to let Oliver poach the best side kick in town.

In Odyssey ...

Oliver: I've had an army of lawyers on it and Chloe Sullivan was never arrested by the DDS.

Clark: With or without my powers I'm not gonna let my friend rot in a Luthor Corp prison
Oliver: Neither am I

Oliver was on the case of rescuing Chloe long before Clark re-entered the picture. He helps Clark to break in and save Chloe. Oliver is controlled to shoot Clark. Chloe rushes down to
save him but can't. He dies. MM takes him away and Chlollie watch. So pretty!

In Toxic, Oliver is poisoned and says he has 12 hours to live

Chloe: If Oliver says he wants to avoid all MDs I'm sure he has a really good reason
Clark: I'm not gonna stand here and watch my friend die
Chloe: Clark do you think this is easy for me? I know Oliver too. I've worked side by side with him, and when he says to do something, it's always for a reason.

Chloe: Trust him.

Chloe trusts Oliver's judgment even though the situation looks really bad and doesn't make sense to her.

Lois: What's he doing here? He needs a real doctor
Chloe: He said no hospitals
Lois: Well I'm actually conscious and I'm saying he needs one
Chloe: Lois, I know what it looks like, but right now Oliver needs people he can trust and this is what he wanted

In Identity Chloiac kills Sebastian. It's forever going to be left open to interpretation because the writers wanted it that way, but my two cents is this ... Chloe was not completely possessed by Brainiac, but she would never kill if not for the influence of Brainiac. So no, I don't consider Chloe a killer.

I really like this quote from Oliver in Identity

Oliver: When I was zippin across the street taking that punk down, I finally felt like myself again, you know? Because that's who I am. I'm not the party boy who runs off on his lost rum soaked weekends. I'm not the multi-national corporate titan. That's not me. Underneath it all, the person I really am is Green Arrow.

Green Arrow is the part of Oliver Lois turned down, but he's the part of Oliver Chloe fights to bring back. Which is exactly what Chloe does in Bloodline when she goes to Oliver for help in saving Clois.

hehe, first text. I love this because he keeps in contact with her during the mission. It shows them working together

Chloe: Do I tell you how to shoot your arrows? I don't think so. Stand back

and he does looking both amused and impressed.  And then a little worried.

I must confess this is the first time I really saw the potential in Chlollie. Yes, all this that I've posted, and I just didn't see it. They really were just little things. I know there are fans that saw it from Wow!, but I wasn't one of them. Now that I look back on all the little things, it turns out to be quite a lot.

Oliver is so concerned for Chloe that he seeks out Clark to talk to him about it.

Oliver: Her eyes turned white and then, with one hand mind you, she pushed me into the other room. So uh... what happened to her?
Clark: It's Brainiac he infected her somehow
Oliver: What are you doing about this?
Clark: I've tried to talk to her, but I can't control her life
Oliver: Her life? It's not her life anymore Clark. She's living yours. Chloe's knee deep in these situations that, pardon the expression, humans...just don't understand. As her best friend, make her stop before she gets hurt.

FF a bit to Requiem. Oliver is in the hospital thanx to Toyman's bomb. He calls Chloe for help in tracking down Winslow Shott. He believes that Lex is behind this and he wants Clark to stay out of his way. Chloe knows he plans to kill Lex and briefly agrees to keep quiet, but she can't bring herself to keep lying to Clark.

Oliver believes he's justified in killing Lex. He tried to kill Oliver. He'll come after Clark next. Chloe is afraid for Clark and is swayed to Oliver's way of thinking, but she ultimately tells Clark, because murder is not ok with her.  Oliver 'kills' Lex (Because we know he's not dead) but the important thing is Chlollie believe he is and this is a very dark turn for Oliver and Chlollie. Chloe calls him on it, thinks he's crossed a line. Oliver defends his actions with all the excuses 'the world is a better place' and he gets a little harsh here when he calls Chloe on the murder of Sebastian. She says it was Brainiac not her, but you see doubts. I still stand by my above opinion. I don't know what Oliver truly believes, but I think he would prefer to believe that she'd do the same thing. That they are the same.

No matter how much Chloe had control, this still shows them both starting down this dark path of doing the wrong things for the right reasons.

Oliver: Now that Lex is gone, you can't tell me you're not relieved
Chloe: Every fiber of my conscience wants to say that's not true but ...
Oliver: Then you can't tell Clark what I did

and she doesn't.

I've always felt like Chloe's story has paralleled Clark's in some ways and now we see her's paralleling Oliver's in a different way. In Chlark's case it pulled them apart (i.e. they wanted to protect each other and did so by hiding thing, pushing the other away, deciding what the other could handle) in Chlollie's case it brought them closer.

In Hex, Oliver is there for Chloe's birthday and delivers Clark's gift. What I love about this scene is that Chloe vents to Oliver. Chloe does not just open up like that to share how she's feeling. Chloe puts on a smile and says she's fine, so for her to just vent to Oliver like that, was significant. She's never been afraid of what she says to him.

At the end of the episode. Oliver meets Chloe at Isis.

Oliver: This will mean leaving your old life as a reporter behind. You sure you wanna say goodbye to that forever?

I have my issues with this scene in how they have her blow off reporting and the idea that she can't have a day job, when all the other heroes do, but we'll move on from that and focus on the Chlollie. I like that Oliver knows how much reporting means/meant to her and questions if she's sure.

He makes a comment about almost wishing he got a chance at the Zatanna magic dust.

Chloe: You already know what you really want. We all do. We just don't listen.
Oliver: And you're sure this is it?
Chloe: This is where I belong.

Once again he's making sure this is what she really wants. Shows a concern for what SHE wants and what's good for her. And I EEE a bit at her last line, even though, at the time, it didn't mean she belonged with Oliver in a romantic sense, she's still saying 'I belong working with you, as Watchtower'

In Beast, Oliver goes to the Talon (hmm, why you there Oliver?) and finds Jimmy stealing from Chloe for his drug habit. Davis knocks them both out and chains them up in the basement.

Oliver: My God, what's he done with Chloe?

While Davis is on the phone to Chloe, Oliver yells out to her "Chloe stay away!"

Jimmy starts taunting Davis and making him doom out.

Oliver: Davis? I know what it's like to jones after a girl, believe me I do, but you can hold on a little bit longer ok? You have to. Chloe's on her way.
Davis: Oh I hope so. I really do, because if she's not, the only way I can control myself is if I kill one of you.

Is Oliver saying this for Jimmy's sake or Chloe's? Jimmy provokes Davis some more and Davis almost kills Jimmy

Oliver: Davis! Davis! Chloe's never gonna forgive you for that. Do you understand? Please, please.

A little bit later, after Clark has taken Davis away, we get this scene between Chlollie.

Oliver: You know Chloe, I thought about calling the police, instead I figured I'd give you a chance to explain yourself before I let them hall you off to prison for harboring a serial killer.
Chloe: I shouldn't have left Davis here alone. This wouldn't have happened if I was here. This is all my fault.
Oliver: When did you become one of the bad guys huh?
Chloe: For whatever reason I calm the beast inside him. He needed me.
Oliver: He needed you? So the needs of the cornfield killer outweigh the needs of the rest of the world is that it?
Chloe: Oliver it's complicated.
Oliver: It's complicated, yeah that's the same thing your psychopathic boyfriend told me.
Chloe: Either I keep him with me or let innocent people die.
Oliver: If you really believed that, you would have handled things a little bit differently don't ya think? Instead what do you do? You cook him dinner, you fluff his pillow, you rock him to sleep!
Chloe: Ok look I understand what it looks like from the outside, but trust me. I had the whole thing under control.
Oliver: Chloe you didn't have anything under control. Speaking as Davis' next victim I can tell you, your plan was seriously flawed. How did you think this was gonna end Chloe?
Chloe: I'll find him ok. I'll fix this.

WOW! What a scene. A bit ouch! Can't say as I was thrilled with Oliver during this scene, but can't exactly blame him either. What struck me the most is how much this scene reminded me of conspiracy, darker and colder, but similar. Two things are clear to me. Oliver cares about Chloe and he feels betrayed. I don't think he would simply let them haul her off to prison or make the call to turn her in. If he was gonna do that, he would have done it. But he's pissed and hurt.

Chloe is in waaaaaaaaaay over her head, but still trying to handle everything on her own, thinking she alone can fix it. She's not simply JUST trying to protect the innocent. She DOES care about Davis. Oliver sees that too. She has feelings for Davis, but I think what he doesn't see is her priority, and that is Clark. When he tells her Clark is going to fix it, she gets that look of fear in her eyes. It wasn't till Clark was in danger that she pulled the lever. In Infamous, when she finds out what Davis is she tells him 'You stay away from him' Davis is a factor. She cares about Davis. Clark is her priority, IMO. You can debate if Chloe loved Davis or not, but even if she did, she wouldn't be happy tethered to ANYONE 24/7 and that's what's she saying here. She shouldn't have left him alone.

Chloe stops Clark from sending Davis to the PZ, saying it's worse than killing him. Clark must agree, because he doesn't try to stop her. Then we get this end scene with Oliver and Clark.

Oliver: She's gone man. She doesn't want to be found. If there's anyone who can makes themselves invisible it's Chloe.
Clark: Davis must have done something to her. Chloe would never lie to me if she weren't trapped.
Oliver: Either that or she just can't resist tall dark and Doomsday. Besides Davis isn't a monster when he's around her. He's got real feelings for her.
Clark: Whatever his feelings are for her, Chloe would never care about him.
Oliver: Clark she sent you on a wild goose chase to Alaska when she was hiding that psycho killer in the basement. Take it from a guy who spent 10 billion dollars on a merger with the girl who got away, you don't always choose who you fall for.
Clark: The Chloe you're talking about does not exist. She'd never choose Davis over her friends.
Oliver: People change Clark.

Yeah I know. This doesn't exactly portray Chloe in the best light. Well it's important, and I don't think everything she did was right, despite her intentions. Now Oliver is believing the worst about Chloe here (though notice he believes her that she can calm the monster, cause he says it here) but he's getting Chloe more than Clark here. Clark's in denial in a way. He doesn't believe the worst about Chloe ...good, but he also thinks she's not acting of her own free will. And she is. And she DID choose to protect Davis and lie to her friends, but Clark is still her priority. I believe Chloe when she calls Clark and says that she's doing it for him, because everything backs that up. Infamous, Eternal, Beast and all the years before this season, Clark is her priority.

I amazes me that the writers never saw the Chlollie potential before Roulette, given these scenes from season 8. It's all setting up that Oliver GETS Chloe like no one else does or has. The wonderful. The good. The bad. The ugly. All of it.

In Doomsday, Oliver, Bart and Dinah capture Davis and Chloe. Chloe tries to convince them that she can control him. Davis wakes up and admits it's not working anymore. They have to do this. Chloe goes to approach him.

Oliver: Chloe wait.

We all know the horrific events and Chlollie are the two left most devastated. Chlollie trusted each other from the beginning. In this season they both went through a very dark arc and lost themselves and the trust they had in each other. Even though they do still turn to each other and there is a confidence, there is a loss of trust, because they both see the other sink to some low depths. A nice set up for season nine.

Chloe was most definitely affected by Jimmy's death. She DID love him, but IMO, what broke her, was Clark leaving. He was her whole world. She put him first. She was willing to give up her life for him. She, long ago, accepted that he would never love her, but she could count on him. They still had this incredible friendship. So I think when he abandoned her at her lowest point, is what really broke her faith in people. If you look at just before that, she still has this hope about her. I think Clark leaving turned her world upside down, because she couldn't believe in him anymore.

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