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Thoughts on Chloe and Chlollie
This is me:  I'm a Chloe Sullivan fan. I'm a multi shipper. I LOVE Chlollie, but I love Chloe more.

Justin's latest interview has caused some freaking out in the Chlollie fandom (and some ass hatery elsewhere) I can see why. I wasn't thrilled with the implications myself. In case you've stuck your head in the sand and missed it ;o)

Oliver and Chloe are going to be the best man and woman at Lois and Clark's wedding. What's in store for them?
A lot of hell breaks loose, actually. Oliver has the Omega and turns into a totally different, disgusting person. Chloe has to figure out a way to stand by him. She does. In the end, it's interesting because Oliver has to go do his thing, and Chloe has to go do her thing, so there's a really sweet, tender moment in the finale that I think you'll like. The way it's all wrapped up is actually really beautiful. It leaves you with a warm heart.

Will the differences from the Smallville and Superman mythos be addressed since Chloe didn't previously exist outside of Smallville and Oliver actually married Black Canary?
Hartley: It sort of is. In a very warm, sweet way it is addressed because the images that you're going to see are things that could go on while the mythos of the comics is happening, with him and Black Canary. What you see on your screen in the finale, you could very well go, "Oh, I see, that would work then. That would coincide." It's really interesting and a really smart story.

Well if SV can screw over Chloe fans with the mythos argument, you know they will. Still I'm a lot less upset than a lot of my fellow Chlollie lovers. I think it's because I always expected Chloe to go off on her own in the end.  I never believed Chloe would find her happily ever after on SV, but more just leave with a hopeful feeling. I've been prepared for it and really once you've been fucked by Failsday the rest seems like cake. If they killed her off in the finale, it still wouldn't piss me off as much as Failsday did.

If I had to guess (and I suck at speculating by the way, although I did win the 'Chlollie aren't gonna break up' bet last season finale and JENNA WHERE'S MY VID???!!!)  I would say that nothing is really final, Chlollie is left open ended. I can be ok with that. It just depends on how it is done.

Really Smallville. I've lowered my expectations significantly. It won't be hard to please me.

I do wonder though. WHY get them married if they aren't going to stay together. It was completely unnecessary. Did they just do it for the shock value at the end of the ep, because that's just stupid. I wasn't even hoping for them to get married or anything. I thought it was too soon, but then they did that adorable ending of Fortune and I couldn't help but love it.

Anyway, I would never consider Chlollie a waste, no matter how it ends. It was a healing relationship for Chloe. It was a sexy relationship for Chloe and it was an EQUAL relationship for Chloe. I finally got to see Chloe in the kind of relationship I always wanted for her.

On the other side, I've come to really love Oliver as a character on his own and I will be greatly annoyed with SV if they use this omega thing to make him the dick that he is in the comics. What do you know? Mythos can screw over mythos characters too!

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Once I get my WIPs done and a chlark collab with Babydee, I suspect Chlex will be my bread and butter, fic wise. Most of my future fic ideas lean to Chlex. I just can't help it.

Just found this comment while searching for Chlex on LJ.

It's nice to know not only that you're going to finish the only WIP Chlex you have but that there are several new fics with my favourite ship in the pipeline. :)

And yes, we're a very active bunch and always trying to come up with new ideas to keep NS vital. By the way, we started a new project not so long ago to share our stories as podfics/audio fics. So far Zannie, Ultra and I (my username's lexie there) have recorded eleven- I've taped 5 of mine:!%29

I'm so glad the Chlex community is still going strong because I'm a HetLex fan and Lex and this ship are the only things I read and write when it comes to fanfic, which limits things a lot.

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I'm cleaning out my inbox (finally) and just saw this post. My poor fic's in graveyard right now, but I'll fish it out by the end of the month.

There aren't too many stories over there right now. I sure hope the muse comes back!

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