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The Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle
I don't normally do reviews. Just felt the urge tonight. People probably didn't even know I loved TVD considering I'm all Chloe all the time. And why not? If I'm going to obsess over a character, she's a fine pick don't ya think? :P

But this isn't like a real review, just my sporadic ramblings. It gets a bit spoilery now ...

TVD! LOVE!! MY SHOW!!  We are at the start of season three and this show is consistantly awesome and full of twists that have my jaw on the floor nearly every episode.
I love my Delena. And I always forget how much chemistry they have until I see it and they're having eye sex and I'm melting into my seat :)

Stefan the RIPPER you are sooooooooooooo bad. And I feel soooooo bad for you, but I'm loving this too. It's good T.V.

I'm not a Stelena shipper yet I still enjoy them and their love story. I enjoy pretty much all the characters and couples.

I ship Delena like MAD, but at the same time I'm wary of the show actually doing them, because I don't want them done wrong. I don't want Delena to screw over Stefan and I love Stefan/Damon's love for each other. So sometimes I think it's better if I just ship them and it never happens, but then when they're standing close like they do with the eye sex blazing, I'm screaming for them to KISS DAMNIT!!   It's an internal struggle.

Speaking of HOT SEX! Werevamp sex is ALL THAT!  *fans self*  I always knew Tyler/Caroline would rock.

and Jeremy? He's growing up and getting hotter! I love the little snippets of Anna, because I loved them together and I'm still pissed they killed her off.

Alaric is delicious as always. I love the Damon/Alaric friendship.

So much lovely eye candy to enjoy.

k now onto SC.  There will be much TVD comparison because it's also a KW show and had the same kind of look.

Jenna, my dear friend, MADE me watch it. I think she wanted me to suffer too.

and suffer I did.  I really can't imagine a more boring chemless pilot. And NO eye candy? If there is one thing the CW is good at offering, it is eye candy. As you can see below ... (don't know where i got these. I didn't make them. It's just a lil ol LJ post, but I'll credit you if you contact me, sorry I don't keep track of these things)

(OT note: Dear Clark fans, I know we all love our Clark ships, but it was a bit too difficult to find a sexy Clark Gif. HIM solo. And I think that's pretty unacceptable considering all the sexiness of ten years. He's had plenty of half naked scenes peeps! WHERE are the naked gifs!!)

*ahem* Back to the stupid and boring ...

NO eye candy!  Since I'm not a tween, the little boys on this show are not gonna do it for me.

First thing I noticed is that this seems to be for the younger set. TVD started in highschool, but they never felt like THAT young. Even Jeremy was a hottie right off. Young, but hot. I can tell you right now. I never want to see any of these kids in a  REMOTELY sexual scene.

Next thing I noticed was how DULL the lead is.

k so let's go back a few years when Jenna made me watch TVD. I thought it was just gonna be some stupid made for t.v. twilight thing. And twilight sucked so hard, IMO, I wasn't interested in a cheaper version LOL!

Well for about the first 3-4 episodes I was like 'It's ok, but I'm probably not gonna stick with it'  Then all of sudden it became must see t.v. I think it was episode FOUR that it took off. But even through those first eps, It had a strong cast. (I would have watched for Ian alone) Lots of chem. A great lead. I liked Elena right off. I pretty much liked all the characters except for Vicki. She got interesting right before she was killed off LOL! There was some kind of pull, obviously why I kept watching.

So back to SC and the very very DULL boring lead character. I just don't care about her.  The rest of the cast ranges from zzzzzz *snort* what? what? I'm watching. What?  ... to ... I guess she's the best they can do, but she's no Caroline.  Well, that is, for the GOOD guys.

The 'bad' guys are more intriguing and better actors. Not nearly enough to put myself through another episode, but ... yeah.  In fact if I were to keep watching I would have to root for the bad guys to kill nearly everyone for boring me so VERY much.

Did I mention chemless?  Cause I didn't see an ounce of chemistry between ANYONE. That's a must for me. Gotta see chemistry somewhere. None to be found here.

That CHEEZY woods scene with the 'water as light as air' crap. I was supposed to be LMAO right? And by the time the 'oh so predictable scene of Cassie being the one to stop the storm' showed up I was just ready for the bad guy to burn them all.

I'm not even getting into the storyline because the casting is SO bland, they couldn't sell a GREAT story. I give a lot of leeway on pilots, because well, hello TVD pilot was not indicative of it's awesomeness. But when I'm THAT bored that I'm just waiting for it to be over, it's a big FAIL in my book.

Sadly I see far more praise for this show than I can stomach. REALLY TwoP???? If there's one thing I can count on TwoP for is a good bashing of a show. That's why I never read the boards on shows I love.

I can just see this show being a hit while my amazingly awesome shows (like Fringe) continue to struggle and make me bite my nails hoping it's not canceled every season.

If this show pulls off some miracle and suddenly becomes awesome ... well we can look back on this post and laugh, but I highly doubt it.
Consider this a public service announcement. Spare yourselves!

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TVD was fabulous. I do ship Stefan/Elena, but I also ship Damon/Elena (possibly more). I've accepted that I'm a fickle whore and I just ship everybody.


I haven't watched Secret Circle yet.

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