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My thoughts ... I have them

So Smallville Comic. I feel pretty ok about it, even excited. If they feck with Chloe in a way I hate, well it's a separate thing. I can ignore it just as easily as I can Buffy comics. But I do like that 'guarantee' that the end point is still the seven years into the future we saw with Chloe happily married and mini Ollie by her side. And I love that this rejuvenation will probably get some muses back up and running.

I look forward to a regular Chloe fix. Which takes care of one problem. Allison get back on my t.v. PLEASE!!

My hopes to see list

Reporter Chloe. We only got to hear a wee mention of it, but didn't get to see it. I love WT, I do, but Reporter Chloe is important to me. It is a huge part of her, IMO. I mean she went back to it for a reason. And she looked damn happy talking about it in Fortune.

Chlark. Their last scene was pathetic. Do better BQM.

Chlollie lovin. Yes there is shallow in me. Surprised? And I better be seeing rings on fingers. Would love to see a GA saving his wife scene.  (excuse me a moment while I'll squee over WIFE)

Chlex. After the way things were left between them. It begs a confrontation scene. Sucks that he doesn't remember anything, but this is all I have left.

And of course a good story for Chloe.

BQM and what I think of him.

He wrote Committed. I LOATHE that episode. The only thing I like about that episode is Lois' drunk speech where she basically says Jimmy isn't 'the one' for Chloe.

Bulletproof is decent. I don't hate it. I don't love it, but I'd watch it again.

Hex. I only like the Chlollie parts. And there was supposed to be more Chlollie, as he originally penned.

Echo was ok. I like the Oliver storyline.

I love Warrior from top to bottom. Especially bottom :P

I LOVE Sacrifice (thank you Justin too)  Really great stuff for Chloe.

Luthor was really good, but was that the writing or just the awesome John Glover? and Clark Luthor being so sexy? Yeah I don't recall any great script or plot on that one.

LOVE Masquerade. Another wonderful Chloe ep and adorable Chlollie.

eh on Prophecy.

Conclusion. I think as a Chlollie fan I'll be happy. I think he's written some wonderful insight into Chloe. I worry a little bit when it comes to Chlark. He hasn't ever written anything really significant for them.

I've been watching season nine. I find it much less stressful to watch it all together quickly. Still things I'm not a fan of though.

Was watching Kandor and couldn't help but notice how STUPID Jor El was. So he has his little chat with Tess about his son and how Zod doesn't know about him and should never know. Then Jor El gets taken by Zod and he says (when Zod is talking about losing his son)  'I feel your pain, now more than ever'  (smacks head) Really Jo?  You REALLY don't think he's gonna catch onto something there?  Idiot.

Fitting since BDA gets his genes from him.

And I was kind of on Zod's side in the flashbacks. Jor El was told he had to make all the clones, but he wouldn't make one of Zod's son. A little boy. Why? So he could hold to his sanctimonious stance just on one thing. Something tells me if it were HIS son, he damn well would have done it. Denying a man, that just saved your life, another chance with his son is a sure way to make an enemy ... a very dangerous one.  Never liked Jor El in any form on this show. He was most tolerable in Relic ... possibly because his 'form' was so sexy in that ep.

Just got finished watching TVD tonight. It's not so much the not getting my ship (Delena) it's just that familiar feeling of being jerked around that I hate. I had a good EIGHT YEARS of that, thank you very much SV. I don't need it again.  At least Damon gets to have hot sex with others. Just think of how much less it would have hurt if Chloe had been hooking up with various hotties to dull the pain. She didn't even get a boyfriend until SEASON SIX!!!   SHE DIDN'T EVEN GET TO DANCE AT THE FREAKING PROM WHERE SHE WAS CROWNED QUEEN!!!  *kicks past smallville*

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I don't know if I'll be paying any attention to the SV comic. If they do something I don't like, I'll feel all pouty and it will just really mess with me keeping my head in fic. Please, no more canon! There's only so much I can fix!

As for TVD, I'm soooo behind. I only just watched the post hiatus ep. It's an alright show and I enjoy it. But I don't think I have any ships on it to the point of investment. Maybe Caroline/Anyone in a scene with her. She's kind of the Chloe for me. The most shippable!

And let me direct you to this rant if you want to feel better about Chloe's prom night:

TWoP's Omar was the best... until Season Eight's finale broke him.

First. Your icon is love. That is one of my favorite Chloe moments. Allison is so funny.

LOL @ that rant. Thank you for the link.

It's probably best you don't pay attention to the comic. Wouldn't want anything to distract the muse ;o)

For me? I have to, because it's more Chloe, and I really do think it will be easy enough for me to ignore the comic if it sucks. But I can't not at least give it a try. IT'S CHLOE!

See I was just shipping everything on TVD, not like obsessed ship, just like, everyone has chemistry with everyone shipping. But Delena grabbed me from the beginning and they've always been my favorite. The thing is I was perfectly content with them not happening. I never expected them to really happen. I just loved their scenes and whatever progress they made. But then the show 'went there' and started to make me think it was a real possibility, and then they yanked the candy away!

It would have been alright if I felt it was a natural progression back to Stefan. That's what I expected all along. But this feels more like a knee jerk reaction. Like oops! Went too far one way, gotta backtrack.

And maybe I'm wrong and the uber fans are right and they're setting it up to really do Delena, but I'm just not going to go on that merry go round. Like I said, I've had enough of being jerked around.

I'll still watch, because I love the show. But I'm liking Elena less lately and I hate that. I know there's a lot of hate for her, but I've always liked her.

I can totally put all my focus on Caroline.

I LOVE Caroline, so I agree with you there. She is totally the Chloe and I saw that from day one. *side eying Jenna who thought she was just the bitch but I saw her potential (beaming proudly)*

and I also have to focus on Damon because he's my favorite of the males. I've always loved Ian. I look forward to his interaction with Cassidy Freeman's character next ep.

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