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Please don't hurt the bunny little psycho girl!
The insanity continues

I have finally made my way through season two and, it really kind of sucked. A lot of the episodes bored me, especially anything to do with Lana's new daddy plot that went away and was never mentioned again. I managed to not ff everything until I got to that. I think I'm one of the few that prefers season one, because it's just fun and there's really no kick the Chloe.

I gotta wonder why Lana was all gung ho about hooking up with Clark by the end of season two. The first time he asked her out, he took her to a bar and then danced with another girl. The second time he asked her out, he made out with Chloe LOL!  And neither time did he ever offer any explanations. WE know that it was the red K, but she had nothing to go on but what she saw.  And he really sucks at keeping appointments. It was nice for Chloe to speak up for Clark when he wanted the Talon job, but Lana had a great point about him ALWAYS being late and not showing up to scheduled appointments ... something required to keep a job.

In Witness Chloe gets pissed at Clark for blowing her off, again. He promised to wright and article and instead hung out with Lana. Clark's response to her anger is 'well if that's the way you feel maybe I shouldn't work at the Torch anymore' 

Clark dear? Blowing people off constantly would piss off ANYONE, whether or not they were jealous of your feelings for Lana. It's a normal human reaction.  Your response was completely childish and deflecting.

I both love and hate Helen. Obviously I hate her because she screws Lex over. She really screws him. He REALLY loved her. He trusted her completely and opened his heart to her. And I really hate her for doing that to him. But I enjoy the character. Maybe I just like the actress (she's my fav love interest ever on SPN)  and maybe cause I think her turning out to be a gold digging tramp was pulled out of their asses, because the writers tended to write like that and it didn't fully make sense, but what else is knew.

Did Chloe really have to just pine away and be miserable ALL damn season (and into season 3-5 too)  I won't complain too much though because it leads to my favorite story arc for Chloe (or any character for that matter)

I liked the Chlark in the finale because Chloe has every right to be pissed off, but I, for once, I totally get Clark. He's been majorly screwed with by his psycho AI daddy. I can't blame him for not making talking to Chloe a priority in this instance. It's a good scene when she tells him off. And I love that last scene with Lionel how they make her look all dark and bad. Allison just nails it. The only one that could truly tussel with the Luthors.

In the finale Lex and Lionel talk about what Walden said about Clark supposed to conquer, and this is just one of many holes in the whole traveler/Veritas thing.  I LOATHE the Veritas story in season 7 if you didn't know, along with Julian/Grant.

Speaking of Walden, AI Jorel why would you give him powers and knowledge to kill Clark? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!

The episodes I like best are Red and Rush (cause red K Clark is always fun, except for the last time where all he did is push Chloe and make it snow for his Kandorian boyfriend)

Anyway, onto the season of Chluthoropolis!

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The thing about S2 that I always hated was the systematic need to ruin Chloe's character in order to prop up Lana's. Chloe was more popular in S1 so in S2 the writers tried to make Chlie completely unlikeable, and at the same time, they started the beginnings of the Lana worship where she never did anything wrong and when she did, she was excused and regarded as faultless.

And you mention Lana's sudden bio-dad appearing and then never being heard of again--that's what happened to all of the story lines the writers pulled out of their asses to try and keep Lana relevant. (S3 Lana wanted to study art, S4 witch Isobel, S5 Lana wanted to study astronomy, S6 Lana was suddenly an equal to the Luthors) The storylines just fizzled out.

heh, I prefer season 1 too! a lot of my head chloe stems from that season. :D
I never got what everybody's big problem with the freaks of the week storylines was, sure it's not overly original and some of the freaks were just ridiculous but a lot of genre shows, especially a bit older ones, have that in the first season, kinda like an introduction to the world you entered with the show, plus we got chloe investigating those freaks.
I don't mind it because it also usually means that the first season is more lighthearted than the others and gives you the chance to focus on the regular characters and get to know them.

And it really annoys me that they flipped the switch, for the first time, on so many of the characters so early on in the series.

"And both of you, treat me better!" - one of my all time favourite chloe moments EVER! period!

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